Max Beyond

MAX BEYOND  is a single player & co-op action adventure game, with elements of stealth, 3rd person shooter action and tactical gameplay driven by a cinematic story with twists and turns.  

The game shares the same IP universe as the animated movie RIFT.

It is part of the ID@Xbox program, and will be released on Xbox Series consoles + PC.

In Max Beyond you play as Leon, a former Marine unknowingly jumping through multiple universes to break out his adopted little brother Max from a secret lab fortress known as Axion where he is held captive as the subject of life-threatening scientific experimentation.

Max has the special ability to harness power from the universe by distorting the fabric of time and space, and that is why he is a patient at Axion. 

Your mission is to do whatever it takes to keep Max alive in each reality in order to bring balance to the universe. If you fail - Max dies. If Max dies, the universe will shatter into chaos.